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2010 to present = 197 Projects
103 Class-A Rental Projects = 35,545+ units
81 Condominium Projects = 16,639+ units
13 Town Home Communities = 3,031+ units
52 projects with 300 – 400 units
30 projects  with 400 – 999 units
4 projects  with 1,000+ units   
55,215+ Units completed since 2010
18,000+ Units completed 2019


ITALKRAFT is the Preeminent kitchen & bath cabinet, and closet system provider to the Multifamily market.  Since 2010, we've supplied and installed 50,779 units, into 197 projects, in 43 cities. We are the only large-scale manufacturer that has the ability to provide installation and service nationally with our teams of salaried employees.


We also provide design, engineering, and logistics in-house.  Our growth and success are due to our ability to establish close relationships with our clients through our process, performance, and service, leading to repeat business with 16 of the country's top Multifamily owners, developers, builders, and managers.


We source raw materials from the leading suppliers in Europe and manufacture in our State-of the- Art facilities in Italy and Germany.  We are a true Turn-Key manufacturer, and provide design, engineering, logistics, expert Installation with our team of salaried employees (not subs), and follow up service.


We also provide custom cabinets, closet systems, and millwork to the Retail/Residential custom home market.

8470 Kingbird Loop

Suite 1049

Estero, FL 33902

Ph: 404-860-4848

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